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  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Nutritional Management

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Vendor Num: PW8820 Ages 3-20
Service Code: 115
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“We are a passionate team of clinicians,
technologists, and advocates with lived experience.”

– neuroHealth Team

Program Overview

Introduction and Purpose

At neuroHealth, we provide comprehensive health and wellness services for adolescents and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 

We offer four core services: Whole-Person Assessments, Health-Risk Assessments, and Nutrition Management. We address the often challenging task of coordinating medical, psychiatric, and other psycho-social resources for individuals and families. Detailed digital records are HIPAA-compliant and maintained for transparency, privacy, and effective service management.

Our team is comprised of peers and professionals with lived experience, we can relate to the individual barriers and needs of participants. We take a holistic approach, ensuring that participants have a dedicated team supporting their life goals and challenges. This includes providing person-centered, recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed care.

Biopsychosocial model
Biopsychosocial model

Nutritional Management

A central component of mental and physical wellbeing. We take an individualized approach, based on dietary and cultural aspects of the participant, and include the interdisciplinary team of licensed clinicians and medical doctors as necessary to ensure whole-person care.


Whole Person Assessment

A Whole Person Assessment (WPA) is a comprehensive evaluation on a participant’s life (like a case study). The WPA is considered a best practice and robust approach that integrates the science of how the body is impacted by life experience. The goal is to develop a plan to improve the participant’s quality of life and increase continuity of care.

Health Risk Assessment

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an instrument used to collect health information typically coupled with the process that includes biometric testing to test an individual’s health risk and habits.

Pillars of Wellness

Core Team

David "Eli" Israelian | Co-Founder of neuroTree

Ezra Israelian

CEO & Peer Support Specialist

As CEO of neuroTree and a peer with lived experience, he blends technology with mental health support, empowering individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities to excel in tech and media.

Amanda "Kay" Lipp

Amanda "Kay" Lipp

Chief Strategy Officer

As a filmmaker and mental health advocate, she uses her lived experiences to create impactful films that elevate mental health awareness and support, promoting innovative solutions and empowerment.

Arouti Agoupi

Arouti Agoupi

Chief Operations Officer

He melds clinical expertise with technology to enhance mental health care, creating innovative solutions that empower individuals and integrate state-of-the-art tools with compassionate support.

Jennifer Kljajic, LCSW

Jennifer Kljajic, LCSW

Program Developer

As an LCSW, she harnesses her clinical skills to develop and lead therapeutic programs that foster resilience and wellness, utilizing evidence-based approaches to enhance mental health care for diverse populations.

Melissa Spicuzza

Melissa Spicuzza


She excels in her role by utilizing innovative approaches to enhance community health programs, focusing on integrating holistic and evidence-based practices to improve overall wellness and accessibility.

Benjamin Sarcadi

Benjamin Sarcadi


He leverages his deep expertise in educational technology to design and implement innovative learning solutions, enhancing educational outcomes and accessibility for diverse learner populations.

Interdisciplinary Team

Dr. Mark Bernardi

Mark Bernardi, MD

Medical Director

Focused on enhancing healthcare for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities community, he pioneers treatments and advocates for accessible, specialized services to improve quality of life and patient outcomes.

Daniel Marston, Ph.D.

Daniel Marston, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

He specializes in mental health care for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities community, applying tailored psychological strategies. His book “Autism & Independence” offers strategies for aiding teens with autism in transitioning to adulthood.

Jaqueta Williams, PMHNP

Jaqueta Williams, PMHNP

Head Nurse Practitioner

She excels in holistic mental health care, blending Family Nurse Practitioner skills with a patient-centered approach to treat anxiety, depression, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, significantly enhancing patient outcomes through tailored, empathetic care.

Jennifer Kljajic, LCSW

Jennifer Kljajic, LCSW

Lead Clinician

As an LCSW, she harnesses her clinical skills to develop and lead therapeutic programs that foster resilience and wellness, utilizing evidence-based approaches to enhance mental health care for diverse populations.

Dr. F. Cal Robinson

Cal Robinson, PsyD

Clinical Consultant

As an LCSW, she harnesses her clinical skills to develop and lead therapeutic programs that foster resilience and wellness, utilizing evidence-based approaches to enhance mental health care for diverse populations.

Katherine Bonay, RD

Katherine Bonay

Registered Dietician

Specializing in eating disorder recovery and IDD support, she employs a holistic nutritional approach that integrates physical and emotional well-being, empowering clients to navigate their health confidently.

Efrem Reed

Efrem Reed

Peer Support Specialist

With expertise in case management, behavioral health, and drug addiction recovery, they hold credentials as a Peer Support Specialist and boast over 15 years of lived and professional experience in the mental health field.

Anisa Baker

Anisa Baker

Peer Support Specialist

She uses her lived experience to guide others in achieving their life goals, dreams, and passions. With deep personal insights and a commitment to empowering individuals, she fosters environments where growth and success are encouraged and expected.

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